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Werner Koch wk at
Thu Apr 2 21:09:52 CEST 1998


now that I'm back from vacation I release a new version GNUPG:

What's new in 0.2.14:

    * Changed the internal handling of keyrings.

    * Add support to list PGP 5 keyrings with supkeys

    * Timestamps of signatures are now verified.

    * A expiration time can now be specified during key generation.

    * Some speedups for Blowfish and SHA-1, rewrote SHA-1 transform.
      Reduced the amount of random bytes needed for key generation in
      some cases.

Tested on alpha and i86 Linux and FreeBSD.  Try to configure with
--disable-nls or --with-included-gettext if something fails.

I'm now working on a special keyserver :-)

Werner                      (finger gcrypt at for info about GnuPG)

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