Werner Koch wk at
Fri Dec 4 19:08:59 CET 1998


today I started to work on the GNU cryptographic library.
Because nearly everything needed is already in GnuPG, the library 
will be distributed along with GnuPG.

The name of the library will be "libgcrypt", the header is named
"crypt.h" and all identifiers are prefixed with "gcry" or "GCRY".

The library should provide:

   - cryptographic hash functions
   - symmetric cipher functions
   - asymmetric cipher functions 
   - random generation
   - multi precision integer functions
   - a mechanism to register new algorithms
   - a couple of utility function
   - support for glibc's custom streams
   - high level functions for MACing, signatures, etc.

If you have any suggestions what I should consider when designing the
API, please mail me privately.

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