The Wassenaar release

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Dec 8 15:21:34 CET 1998


I've just released version 0.4.5 of GnuPG.  Get it from the usual
places.  Sorry for the huge diff file; this is due to a new
translation and configure which is always very different. Maybe
I should remove ./configure from the diff file but then you need 
autoconf/automake?        (922k) (180k)

or wait until tomorrow and use one of the mirrors.

have fun,


Noteworthy changes in version 0.4.5

    * The keyrings and the trustdb is now locked, so that
      other GnuPG processes won't damage these files.  You
      may want to put the option --lock-once into your options file.

    * The latest self-signatures are now used; this enables --import
      to see updated preferences etc.

    * Import of subkeys should now work.

    * Random gathering modules may now be loaded as extensions. Add
      such a module for most Unices but it is very experimental!

    * Brazilian language support.

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