Problems with 0.4.5

Fabio Coatti cova at
Tue Dec 8 23:46:06 CET 1998

I've built gnupg-0.4.5 on my system (Linux i386 RH 5.1, egcs 1.0.2,
glibc2) and tomorrow I'll put i386 and src rpms available for
download. But I've to reporto some problems that I have with this
release. I've compiled it with -O2 -m486 optimizations, all test are
I've downloaded ring1.gpg from main ftp site and I've tried to import
it with gnupg 0.4.5. I already have many kays, but soem are new for
me. So, I've got the following error messages: (some messages are
italian, I'm sorry for this but I'm unable to duplicate some errors)
First try:

cova:~$ gpg --import ring1.gpg

gpg:ring1.gpg: chiave 57548DCD: una nuova firma (new signature)
gpg:ring1.gpg: chiave 621CC013: una nuova firma
gpg: sig-check.c:267: check_key_signature: Assertion ^Root->pkt->pkttype ==

After this, I've issued a gpg --list-keys, all OK. Then a second run
of gpg --import ring1.gpg:

gpg:ring1.gpg: chiave C385E037: 4 nuove firme (4 new signatures)

gpg: Ohhhh jeeee: ... questo è un bug (iobuf.c:670:iobuf_push_filter)
secmem usage: 1408/1408 bytes in 2/2 blocks of pool 1408/16384

An now I always get this message:

gpg:ring1.gpg: key FF3EAA0B: not changed
gpg:ring1.gpg: key 64F6967B: not changed
gpg:ring1.gpg: key 7BE6BF71: can't locate original keyblock: eof
gpg: Total number processed: 6
gpg:              unchanged: 6                                              

The MD5 of the ring1.gpg that I've downloaded is the following:
ring1.gpg: EC EC 28 1A EF FD F8 13  8C E0 52 23 C3 9C 18 EC
(71841 bytes)

Fabio Coatti               
Ferrara Linux Users Group
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