Wassenaar followup

Fabio Coatti cova at felix.unife.it
Fri Dec 11 11:53:37 CET 1998

Today I've seen some new documents in Wassenaar site, and there is a list
of dual-use items.
Is interesting to note that all the question is related to definition of
"public domain" (see the General Software Note). If gnupg is "public
domain" then there will be no restrictions, but GPL soft can be considered 
"public domain"?

If gnupg is not PD, we have a problem.
To skip wasseenar agreement a soft must meet this:
-"The cryptographic functionally cannot easily be changed by the user"
-"does not contain a 'symmetric algorithm' employing a key lenght exceeding 
64 bits.

(to cite only relevants items; category 5 part 2)

Well, I think that GNU programs are located somewhere between categories 1
and 2 in general software note, and this can made a big difference.

The nations has to adopt this agreement, but I think that in future
problems may arise.
The only way to get out of this will be some sort of document stating that
soft like GPL has to be considered "public domain" regarding Wassenaar

Any comment?

the URL for Wassenaar agreement can be found at this url:


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