Lutz formal spec / ROT-13 persists

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Feb 12 23:08:52 CET 1998

Adam Back <aba at> writes:

> I noticed as a result of Lutz quoting a section from his OpenPGP
> formal spec to cypherpunks that it still refers to ROT-13 (he refers
> to ROT-N).

So what about replacing it by Blowfish with 160 bit key ?

Lutz told me that he votes against this, because we can't have values
for each key length.  I know that the keylength can be derived from the
DEK but there is no way to do this when using the cipher e.g. for secring

By the way, is is really required that PGP's strange CFB mode is required
for other ciphers that IDEA?


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