GNU Privacy Guard

Wim Vandeputte bunbun at
Fri Feb 20 18:09:06 CET 1998

> GNU Privacy Guard
> I need to go to some URL and educate myself? And otherwise I have a
> problem? And that is what you think of as marketing? What are you, a
> college professor?


> Yes. The words both refer to Pretty Good Privacy in ways that make great
> marketing sense. GNU makes sense only if one is targeting the 1 in 1000
> (10,000? 100,000? 1,000,000?) who knows what it means.

if you've been using software (in the real sense, that is with source 
code provided) and you've never heard the term GNU, then you've probably 
never read any licencing code :-). I'm sure the term BSD is also not in 
your dictionary.

if you claim that only 1 in 1000 unix users have ever heard of 'GNU' then 
you probably have met with the wrong people. It's true that outside the 
unix community, GNU is a bit unknown, but can you say GPL? I'm sure lot's 
of people will get exposed to concept in a few months (hint: Netscape)

Even if GNU is not familiar with your lifeworld, then why so agressive 
against it? It would be a good thing if a nice, goodworking program like 
GPG (or was it Opaque?) would introduce the GNU term to people. Do you 
have any idea how many software you're using every day originates from 
GNU background?

All I'm after is a good program, free in a broad sense and not some 
marketing crap. If this program *works* it *will* get people. And sure, 
some of them will never have heard of the term GNU, but they'll just have 
to look it up then.

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