g10 release 0.1.0

Werner Koch wk at isil.d.shuttle.de
Mon Jan 5 22:39:25 CET 1998

A happy new year to everyone.

I have done a new release, which adds some stuff to G10.

  * ./configure looks for more cases
  * Dummy random device to let it at least compile on other systems
  * signing of keys works
  * you can remove signatures
  * detached signatures work
  * clearsig works
  * -kvv, -kvc -kvvvc works :-)
  * passhrases are not echoed
  * option "--passphrase-fd"  (see g10/OPTIONS)
  * can be compiled for NT and some parts work.
  * I'm currently compiling it on the HURD (it's so slow)
  * .... (don't remember the rest)

The armor code has a bug, try the option "--no-armor" to workaround.

Download it from:


I changed the layout of ElGamal signatures, so old signatures cannot be 
validated anymore (now uses correct ASN values - please can someone check

Please direct bug-reports etc. to this list.

Werner Koch, Duesseldorf  -   werner.koch at guug.de   -  PGP keyID: 0C9857A5

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