yet another release

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Jan 7 21:46:43 CET 1998


I have released 0.1.2.

 * The user id is build from three parts with some checking on the
   input values.  This creates a user-id always in this form
     "My Name (optional comment) <email.address at some.domain>"

 * You can select the default alorithms from the commandline or the
   option file.  Currently you can select only between Blowfish with
   160bit key ("--cipher-algo blowfish") which is the default or
   Blowfish with 128 bit key as defined in OpenPGP
   ("--cipher-algo blowfish128")

 * I changed the way fingerprints any keyids are calculated; this makes
   old keyids invalid :-(.  The method is the same as in OpenPGP but with a 
   packet version byte of 3; the standard states that this is a MUST NOT,
   but it's a great security enhancement for V3 packets too.  I don't think
   that there are any applications which use ElGamal keys and V3 packets.

Werner Koch, Duesseldorf  -   werner.koch at   -  PGP keyID: 0C9857A5

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