Compilation report

Anand Kumria wildfire at
Thu Jan 22 03:39:35 CET 1998

- zlib 1.0.4
- gcc
- make 3.76.1
checking size of unsigned short... 0
checking size of unsigned int... 0
checking size of unsigned long... 0

came up while configure'ing ... this came about becasue the programs used
to guess this value link against zlib; when solaris comes to execute them
it can't find zlib on the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and gives up. The documentation
should probably make a note that zlib should be on the LD_LIBRARY_PATH or
you should call configure like:

	LDFLAGS="-R/path/to/zlib" ./configure

Two other suggestions: maybe you can do the test for zlib latter (it isn't
a critical library (or is it), and perhaps you could abort the configure
process if you detect sizes of 0.

- zlib 1.0.4
- gcc 2.7.2
- make 3.74
checking size of unsigned short... 2
checking size of unsigned int... 4
checking size of unsigned long... 4

SunOS doesn't have RAND_MAX defined, you should probably check for rand()
and if found check for RAND_MAX and '#define RAND_MAX 32767' if RAND_MAX
wasn't found.

* configure assumes everything is in '.', doesn't support multiple
architectures. (VPATH) - the attached patch fixes configure, mpi/config.links
needs some work though.

Now to see what __clz_tab is and why the references to it are undefined.


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