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At 02:06 PM 1/21/98 +0100, Werner wrote:
>Anand Kumria <wildfire at> writes:
>> If the FSF are willing, how about GPG (GNU Privacy Guard). Hey, it's even
>> left recursive. ;)
>That sounds great. Of cource there is a company with this name; but
>I guess we never find a free TLA.  

>I vote for this name.

GPG would be a good choice. Considering that the acronym is formed 
by using the same two letters which form PGP, it should be easy for 
anyone to form a mental image which would make it easy to remember.

I vote for GPG.

If you really want to avoid any copyright/trademark issues later on,
what would be wrong with appending (or inserting) a numeral or special 
character to GPG? Altering the TLA by adding something such as GPG3, 
GPG7, G-PG or GPG& might protect you from getting in a tiff with some 
company or corporation should the software become widely accepted. It 
might also leave you with copyright/trademark options of your own.

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