The name G10

Richard Stallman rms at
Wed Jan 21 16:55:26 CET 1998

    PSST = Professional Software, Solutions and Technology, Inc.

    G10 = G-10 is a integrated national network of Autodesk System Centers
	 (ASC) with strategic locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. We
	 specialize in Autodesk solutions, document management, and related
	 products and services. 

These could be real problems.

    The name G10 for the PGP replacement is a play on the G10-Gesetz which
    renders our (german) constitution's article 10  (guarantee of privacy
    in communication) more or less useless.  I used it as a working name but
    some folks said, it's a good name anyway.

    We may better choose another name?

I think so.  The name G10 would mean nothing to people outside
Germany, and probably to most Germans as well.

FreeGP sounds good to me.  It is a good thing to remind people
of the program's most important feature.

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