lilo lilo at linpeople.org
Fri Jan 23 21:49:42 CET 1998

Hi All,

I've just started lurking.  Kudos to you for starting a project that's
really important.

I'm not sure how much of a contribution I can make....I'm in the United
States, encryption programming hell.  However, in my capacity as chief
administrator for the Linux Internet Support Cooperative, I can tell you
we'd love to provide interactive chat services via Internet Relay Chat.  Our
little net can be reached via IRC server irc.linpeople.org, port 8001.  LISC
provides end-user support for Linux users, as well as infrastructure for
projects of interest to the Linux community, and you definitely qualify. 
Feel free to pull up a channel on our server anytime you want to hold a

Ever since I found the web page, I've been thinking about that name, G10.  I
understand you might be looking for a better name for the program.  I have a

I was thinking about an important reason to use an encryption program,
privacy.  Privacy can be accomplished, at least partly, by not sending clear
text information.  Hmmm, I thought, what's the opposite of clear text?  Of
course, text that's OPAQUE.

The acronym would be, of course, something like....

Opaque People Are Quietly Using Encryption.

Anyway, it might be silly, but think about it a bit.  It's a nice strong
two-syllable word, easy to remember, and it has a nice acronym.  Let me know
what you think.

:) lilo

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