BeeP beep at topper.org
Sun Jan 25 23:02:53 CET 1998

At 09:49 PM 1/23/98 -0600, you wrote:
> text that's OPAQUE.
>The acronym would be, of course, something like....
>Opaque People Are Quietly Using Encryption.

May I suggest something based more on marketing experience rather than on
being "opaque"? Aren't there are already quite enough cleverly-, opaquely-,
indecipherably- and recusively-named Linux programs in the world?

How about

Totally Reliable Privacy

or just

Reliable Privacy

or something equally pedestrian and descriptive? 

Just asking.

Bill Powell

p.s. If it were my baby, I'd name it after PGP. As in

Pretty Good Clone or Just As Good Privacy or Every Bit As Good Privacy (EBAG?)

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