lilo lilo at linpeople.org
Thu Jan 29 11:58:28 CET 1998

On Mon, 26 Jan 1998, Bill wrote:

> I see your point about the word "clone". 
> Did you know that 
> Every Bit As Good Privacy 
> is a good pun in English as well as being a perfectly legal reference to
> PGP? EBAGP isn't a great acronym, but "Every Bit" is a perfectly good
> nickname.
> The point of my last letter was that the name should clearly "position" the
> product in the prospective user's mind. 

I'm just not sure it's worthwhile to position this program as a clone of
PGP.  If you write it they will come.  Meaning that a large population of
hackers will adopt a solid functional freeware privacy program, and will
provide excellent word-of-mouth advertising, in addition to whatever other
methods of advertising are used.  This is pretty much the way PGP spread.

Give the program its own unique identity.  In the long run, a solid freeware
privacy program will have a much LARGER market than PGP ever could.


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