problems with --add-key and --delete-key

Werner Koch wk at
Fri Jul 3 14:31:06 CEST 1998

James Troup <james at> writes:

> -u was my attempt to specify a name for the sub-key.  It obviously

Subkeys don't have a name; they are bounded to the primary key with
all its user-ids (Yes, there is yet no way to add alternative

> failed...  what am I missing?  Oh, and --add-key doesn't appear to be
> documented in the manpage.  Giving up on that, I thought I'd try to

I'll fix it.

> | gpg: 0xA1F576D6: user not found
> | gpg: 0xA1F576D6: delete key failed: eof

I'll fix this too.  There are some other problems with
subkeys I know of.  

> Sorry, if I'm blatantly missing something obvious here.  Also sorry
> for sounding so negative :/

I'd like to receive more bug reports ;-) - really.

> o gpg --edit-key results in an error message of something like "usage:
>   --edit-sig userid", which is confusing since I gave it --edit-key as
>   an option.  (I realise the two are aliases, but...)

Fixed (but not for the alias)

> o gpg seems unnaturally fussy about the way options are presented to
>   it, e.g. `gpg --no-greeting --delete-key 0xA1F576D6' works (or not
>   as this case maybe), but `gpg --delete-key 0xA1F576D6 -no-greeting',

You mean --no-greeting but anyway this error is due to the fact that 
--delete-key is a command and expects one argument.  Some other options
do take arguments (-u joe) but this are arguments of the option.

Actually there is no big difference bettween options and commands, but
there are listed in different sections of the man page and with



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