v0.3.1 - bug(?)

Werner Koch wk at isil.d.shuttle.de
Wed Jul 8 12:19:28 CEST 1998

"Roland E. Lipovits" <lipo at telekabel.at> writes:

> When I sign/encrypt a small text file (ending with a single 0x0A) with 
> ´gpg -seat -r Recipient filename´ and then decrypt it with 
> ´gpg < encr_file´ gpg says that all is ok, but the new plaintext

Okay, I have spend some time on it and checked the OpenPGP draft
(which does not state anymore the stuff Lutz wrote in his paper about
PGP enhancements).  

It now works and I have added a new test script for it.  The drawback
is that you might not be able to check old cleartext signatures - we
have to live with this, as it is now compatible with pgp 2 and 5 and

Will be in the next release.


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