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Tue Jul 21 23:04:10 CEST 1998

On Tue, 21 Jul 1998, Raj Laud wrote:

> Due to the (understandable) lack of documentation for GPG right now, I'm not
> sure how trust is handled for keys. Could someone please explain to me how
> this works and how to edit or even view the trust values for certain keys?
> Sorry about my ignorance but I'm new to gpg.


While I don't know how the trust model works, I have managed to get a pair
of gpg keys working that can communicate with each other.  It took some
doing the first time so I decided to write the steps out.  Of special
interest was that the first time it didn't work right, but I experimented
and deleted the trust database and that made things work.

I'm part way through a short document that I created to help organize my
thoughts as I worked with gpg.  Basically, I'm using qmail aliases to
forward messages between two machines while passing them through gpg to
encrypt/decrypt them before and after.  Basically a safer solution than
raw email forwarding if you have two trusted networks that you want email
forwarded between.

The short document currently contains the blow-by-blow process I went
through creating two key rings, and giving one to the other so that it
could automatically encrypt messages to it.  If anyone is interested it is
at The page mentions the
package I'm working on but doesn't contain any of the details about it so
ignore those parts.

Hope this helps some,


P.S.  The document isn't done being formatted and I was experimenting with
color to make it easier to locate the parts I typed in so try not to
notice the look.

P.P.S.  I just copied the document over from our intranet and I don't have
a regular public home page so you won't see any pointers there, you have
to go directly to gpg.html.

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