Few questions

Markus Gruber Markus.Gruber at ilo.baynet.de
Wed Jul 22 22:16:55 CEST 1998

Werner Koch wrote:
> NO! Try this:
> 	ps -aw
> and everyone can see the passphrase.
> I suggest you do this: 
> 	echo "Secret and geheime Passphrase" | pgp --passphrase-fd 0 ...

Thanks for all the answers and the suggestion with the passphrase. Thats the 
way I would like with pgp5 too, because I integrated pgp5 into exmh and used 
the -z. It's some sort of security hole, I was too naive to think about it.

That's not a gpg question, sorry, but is there a way to securely pass a 
passphrase to pgp5 in batchmode?


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