The usual PGP 2 signature problem

Marco d'Itri md at
Wed Jul 22 23:49:46 CEST 1998

On Jul 22, Werner Koch <wk at> wrote:
 >I found this bug - actually it is a bug in the pgp 2.x code:
Thank you a lot, now it works well.

 >packet version < 4.  Because pgp 2.x also can't cope with the new packet
 >format (which are used for comments) you should use --no-comment if PGP 2
 >should be able to verify your messages; add it to your options file.
I believe PGP 2.6.3ia has been patched to understand that, I did not
need the --no-comment option.
Maybe you could add an option which will disable the comment field if the
key used is RSA.

BTW, why the default D-H key size of PGP 5 is double than gnupg's?


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