problems with g10 0.2.19 on sun-sparc-solaris2.5.1

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Jun 9 20:25:44 CEST 1998

Tom Spindler <dogcow at> writes:

> -	.global C_SYMBOL_NAME(mpohelp_rshift)
> +	.global C_SYMBOL_NAME(mpihelp_rshift)

I know, thanks.

> The second is that egcs-1.0.3 doesn't like the definition of variables
> in blocks; I believe it only wants them at the top of the function,
> before any instructions are generated.

I do this very often, so this can't be the problem.  I'm using egcs
1.0.3 too (but for x86).

> And egcs complains mightily about this. If you either put the hrtime_t tv;
> definition at the top of the function, or remove the braces, the compiler

Can you please send me the error message.


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