Status report

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Jun 18 10:50:11 CEST 1998


I have not done a release for a while, here is why:

 - I have done a lot of changes to make gnupg more extendable.
 - Fixed some bugs with secret key checksums 
 - Added a --load-extension feature which enables you to load 
   external cipher, hash or public key algorithms.
 - I'll add some thinks which are needed for OpenPGP.
 - I'll change key generation so that DSA keys are the default ones.

The current problem that I have, is that the FSF doesn't like dynamic
linking (for --load-extension), because RMS thinks everyone is going
to violate the GPL by linking patented algorithms to gnupg.  He wants
to leave it out to force people to use only the new algorithms.
I have done such a RSA extension
( and it really works
great.  Hmmm. do I have to invent some client/server model for
extensions to allow RSA?



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