0.3 is available

Werner Koch wk at isil.d.shuttle.de
Thu Jun 25 15:35:49 CEST 1998


Go and download gnupg-0.3.0.tar.gz from ftp.guug.de:/pub/gcrypt  or
get the diff file gnupg-0.3.0.diff.gz from /pub/gcrypt/diffs.
You might also be interested in "ftp> ls old/*.c" :-).

I might have introduced some bugs due to major code changes but it
works fine on x86 and alpha Linux.

I added some assembler stuff for mips3 - but this is not tested.

I hope my DSA key generation is okay - someone with a good
understanding of this should have a close look at it (I can explain 
the code on request).

Here are the NEWS: 

     * New option --emulate-checksum-bug.  If your passphrase does not
      work anymore, use this option and --change-passphrase to rewrite
      your passphrase.  Sorry, it was a bad bug I introduced while
      switching to real bitlength counting:  An encrypted MPI can
      have some bits more or less as the encryption is done at full
      bytes and so I got the wrong bit count and in turn the checksum 
      got calculated wrong.  

    * More complete v4 key support: Preferences and expiration time
      is set into the self signature.

    * Key generation defaults to DSA/ElGamal keys, so that new keys
      are interoperable with pgp5

    * DSA key generation is faster and key generation does not anymore
      remove entropy from the random generator (the primes are public
      parameters, so there is really no need for a cryptographic
      secure prime number generator which we had used).

    * A complete new structure for representing the key parameters.

    * Removed most public key knowledge into the cipher libray.

    * Support for dynamic loading of new algorithms.

    * Moved tiger to an extension module.

I have done some tests with pgp 2.6.3ia and it failed on checking the
tar.gz.sig file which I created with gnupg.  It complains about a
"Bad length in signature certificate (off by -1)" [with some debugging
code]; when I ignore this check, it verifies the signature okay.
PGP 5 seems not to have this problem.

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