Plaintext, symmertric algorithm 0 (9.2)?

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Thu Mar 19 15:30:18 CET 1998

On Thu, 19 Mar 1998, Werner Koch wrote:

> GNUPG uses Blowfish in standard CFB mode (without the PGP 2 byte

2 Byte???  There is a 10 byte header.  I'll have to see the code...

> feedback) and a 160 bit key.  A 128 bit version is also available
> and this still uses standard mode - if there is any other OpenPGP app
> which uses Blowfish, I maybe able to switch to PGP CFB mode for this
> 128 bit key version.

> By the way, how can I get an assigned number for my (standard) Blowfish
> implementation?

Blowfish, 128 bit key, 16 rounds is defined as cipher number 4.

> Werner                      (finger for info about GnuPG)

The finger has a URL that points to one that says I need to update my

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