New features

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Mar 2 23:23:52 CET 1998


Release 0.2.11 is available.

    * GPG now asks for a recipient's name if option "-r" is not used.

    * If there is no good trust path, the program asks whether to use
      the public keys anyway.

    * "--delete-key" works for public keys. What semantics shall I use
      when there is a secret key too? Delete the secret key or leave him
      and auto-regenerate the public key, netxt time the secret key is used?

Please have a look at the file pubring.gpg.asc in the FTP directory.


                                       finger gcrypt at for GNUPG key
              fingerprint = 8489 6CD0 1851 0E33 45DA  CD67 036F 11B8 FF3E AA0B

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