released 0.2.12

Werner Koch wk at
Sat Mar 7 13:18:44 CET 1998


there is a new relase (0.2.12) at

    * --delete-key checks that there is no secret key. The new
      option --delete-secret-key maybe used to delete a secret key.

    * "-kv" now works as expected. Options "--list-{keys,sigs]"
      and "--check-sigs" are now working.

    * New options "--verify" and "--decrypt" to better support integration
      into MUAs (partly done for Mutt).

    * New option "--with-colons" to make parsing of key lists easier.


                                       finger gcrypt at for GNUPG key
              fingerprint = 8489 6CD0 1851 0E33 45DA  CD67 036F 11B8 FF3E AA0B

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