CQ user manual

Werner Koch wk at isil.d.shuttle.de
Sun May 3 21:05:08 CEST 1998


It's still on my TODO list for GNUPG.

      *We need documentation*

I can't do this for some reasons (My English and I'm not a good technical
writer).  I can help on all technical and security questions.

I'm not sure whether a U.S. author is acceptable - but if everything
else fails we can do it per paper, snail mail and OCR.


This documentation is a very important part for GNUPG because it
should tell the user how to operate secure email - We can write nice
code - but if a user (e.g.) selects a bad passphrase because he does not
understand the reason for a good passphrase it does not make sense to
put strong security into the software.  

A technical manual is not so important because there will be OpenPGP
and I can write something about the GNUPG enhancements.

Anyone wants to write a nice user manual?


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