Unable to use language (mo) files

Urko Lusa ulusa at lacueva.ddns.org
Fri Nov 6 08:05:27 CET 1998


I translated part of gnupg msgs to Spanish, but I'm unable to use the mo
files. I thought it could be a problem with my gettext version, so I
tried with the languages included (it, fr...), but gpg stills using
English messages.

The mo files are properly installed under
/usr/local/share/locale/es/LC_MESSAGES/ll, my LANG env is ok.

I compiled gnupg --with-included-gettext. System is Linux 2.0.35, libc

Any tip will be appreciated. Thanks.

Urko Lusa <ulusa at lacueva.ddns.org> (2:343/143.30 at fidonet.org)

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