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Richard Lynch lynch at cognitivearts.com
Sat Nov 7 01:28:43 CET 1998

I'm still having trouble getting gpg to run from PHP.

I can make it run with option --help, but as soon as I try to encrypt
something, error code 2 (EACCESS) is returned.

I had hoped that by using suexec, the web user would basically be logged in
as me rather than www, and all would be good.

Alas, this is not the case.  Still get error code 2. :-(

My attempt to turn on safe_mode in PHP got me error code 126 (128?) for
both the --help and the real encrypt attempt.  However, since I'm using
suexec, my reading of the PHP manual makes me think that safe_mode is a

It occurs to me though, that perhaps it would be better if my keyring (or
at least the pubring and trustdb) were in the cgi directory or even the www
directory.  I couldn't find that in the options for compiling.  Is it

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