huge keyrings (was: id matching)

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Am / On 02 Nov 1998 21:14:54 -0800, Brian Warner <warner at>

>I've been pondering other (read "more secure") ways to store and
>retrieve the secret key material. One thing that might help open up more
>mechanisms would be to add a hook to get secret keyring data by running a
>program and simply gathering stdout. You could pass the keyid to the program
>and it would return a (possibly armored) private keyblock. GPG uses the data
>and then throws it out. I'm thinking of something like a Pilot attached to a
>serial port, and then the program in question would send a request for the key
>to the pilot, which would just dump some text back through the serial port.

Good idea to keep the secretkey in a box with you. Palm Pilot is
widely spread. And someday the pilot can speak to every computer via
But i do not want to transmit my secret keys to any computer i work
with. Maybe his OS is tampered with a trojan or sth.
So the solution would be a gnupg for pilot. AFAIK there is a gcc for
pilot. This would be a little slow, but it would be very handy ...


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