Standards and PGP wraper

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Nov 10 14:28:29 CET 1998

David Pick <D.M.Pick at> writes:

> **But it is essential that there are different passphrases for signatures
> and encryption keys.** Otherwise you would be revealing the signature key
> as well as the encryption key, And I'd have considerable problem with
> doing that.

It's simple to change the current behaviour, so that you can change
the passphrase of your encryption only key.  But please don't ask
me to do this because I do not want to support such laws even by
considering how to limit the damage of the secret keys.
What are they going to do if you simply forgot your passphrase due to
the shock when a police task force storms your computer shack?  Hmmm,
do they really know that a passhrase is never written down in clear.

Such a law does only make sense with a key escrow or a passphrase
deposition law, I guess.


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