Some bugs in 0.4.3?

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Nov 12 21:15:14 CET 1998

Thomas Roessler <roessler at> writes:

> Well...  It works quite well with large pgp public key rings - the
> amount of time spent for selecting keys is O(size of pubring).  The

The time is not the real problem, but the current global keyring
is > 200 megs and that is far too much too hold in core.

> the disk.  With GPG, it's partially re-computed when listing the
> trust information.

I chnaged this and it is now MUCH faster exept for the first time.
It's not yet in the CVS.

> Maybe I should just implement an additional parameter for the key
> ring list code, some kind of "key hint".

Or an interactive key selection which gives the user a message
that he has to refine his selection because N keys would match.


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