Code contributions, ITAR/EAR, incrimination vs. contribution

brian moore bem at
Fri Nov 13 20:45:57 CET 1998

On Sat, Nov 14, 1998 at 01:44:27AM +0100, Frank J. Beckmann wrote:
> AFAIK even exporting software that has only hooks to support crypto
> software violates the ITAR/EAR rules.

Yep, which is why Apache doesn't have a simple-to-install module for
SSL, for example.  (You have to patch a bunch of other stuff to be able
to use it.)  Or why the 'i' mutt has been handled off-site.

Truly truly stupid.

Especially when those in the US can send crypto to Canada legally and
people in Canada don't have such silly rules.  Wonder if relaying it
off a Canadian mail server would mean I sent it to Canada....

Some year we'll get a government with a clue that has the guts to tell
the truth: "We're ALLOWING crypto exports because the old policy was a
pathetic joke and only hurt the US software business and electronic

I expect that during a very cold winter, shortly after Hell freezes
over. :(

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