invalid packets/reply

laslo at laslo at
Sat Nov 14 16:44:45 CET 1998

Werner Koch wrote in his message:
> I only asked for the version of GnuPG you are using.
> Please, if you report a bug or question concerning GnuPG always tell
> me which version it is.

Sorry, I forgot to add it...

I'm using GnuPG 0.4.3
but I checked it with 0.4.2 and 0.4.1, and it shows the same thing,
except that 0.4.3 shows: "gpg: Ohhhh jeeee" and 0.4.2 "gpg: Ooops" :)

All under Linux 2.1.12[7/8] and libc 5.4.46

thanks in advance,
TCT 1024Q/435S780P R2SN R9O1 R986 Q406 7PR2  7Q52 0Q9S NQ56 435S 780P
`znvy ynfyb-qfn-xrl at < /qri/ahyy' sbe [ctc/tct] qfn xrl

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