The GnuPG helps Patch release

Werner Koch wk at
Fri Nov 20 21:23:50 CET 1998


a new release of gnupg is available at the usual sites: (868k) (208k)

Please read the NEWS.

The diff files are from now on signed, but in order to verify this
signature you need this release :-)  The problem with --clearsign is
that all lines starting with a dash are quoted with "- "; obviously
diff produces many of lines starting with a dash and these are 
then quoted and that is not good for patch ;-).  In order to use
a patch file without removing the cleartext signature, the special
option --not-dash-escaped may be used to suppress generation of
these escape sequences.  You should not mail such a patch because
spaces and line endings are also subject to the signature and a mailer
may not preserve these.  If you want to mail a file you can simply sign
it using your MUA.
I hope this helps Bruce Peren's efforts to minimize the chance of a
trojan horse in free software.

Have fun,


Noteworthy changes in version 0.4.4

    * Fixed the way the key expiration time is stored. If you have
      an expiration time on your key you should fix it with --edit-key
      and the command "expire".  I apologize for this inconvenience.

    * Add option --charset to support "koi8-r" encoding of user ids.
      (Not yet tested).

    * Preferences should now work again. You should run
      "gpgm --check-trustdb \*" to rebuild all preferences.

    * Checking of certificates should now work but this needs a lot
      of testing.  Key validation values are now cached in the
      trustdb; they should be recalculated as needed, but you may
      use --check-trustdb or --update-trustdb to do this.

    * Spanish translation by Urko Lusa.

    * Patch files are from now on signed.  See the man page
      for the new option --not-dash-escaped.

    * New syntax: --edit-key <userID> [<commands>]
      If you run it without --batch the commands are executed and then
      you are put into normal mode unless you use "quit" or "save" as
      one of the commands.  When in batch mode, the program quits after
      the last command, so you have to use "save" if you did some changes.
      It does not yet work completey, but may be used to list so the
      keys etc.

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