fuzzy hint for translators

Walter Koch walterk at dip.de
Sun Nov 22 20:49:37 CET 1998


if you translate gnupg (or any other project using gnu-gettext) by
editing the .po file, you have to pay attention to remove the "fuzzy"
keyword each time you have corrected the translation. 
Otherwise your translation would be ignored by gettext.

"fuzzy" is a neat method gettext uses to reduce the effort of manual
translation. If a new msgid is detected, gettext tries to find
another, already translated msgid, which is only slightly different to
the new one. Gettext uses the already translated msgstr and uses it as
msgstr (translation) for the new msgid. 

So an omitted dot or a new inserted slash or a corrected spelling
reror does not require a complete new translation. Gettext mark the
"new" translation with "# ,fuzzy", so you can check the translation.

To avoid wrong translation (e.g. in 
>#: g10/g10.c:187
>#, fuzzy
>msgid "export the ownertrust values"
>msgstr "Keine \"Owner trust\" Werte geändert."
which means 'no ownertrust values changed', which is not exactly the
correct translation), any msg marked fuzzy will not put in the actual
translation (.gmo).

It took me several hours to get that... :-)



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