Using GPG in the US

Jimmy Kaplowitz jkaplowitz at
Sun Nov 22 21:51:47 CET 1998

I have a few questions. I tried to answer them for myself by checking
the archives and the PGP5-GPG HOWTO, but if they were answered there, it
wasn't clear to me. So if I'm asking a really common question, please
put up with me.

1) Is it legal for me to use GPG in the US? I would think so, but all
the download servers are outside of the US, and I am not sure if I am
allowed to download from one of those. If it is legal to use GPG in the
US, from where can I legally download it?

2) Is there any way I can exchange encrypted messages with PGP users
without installing PGP myself to retrieve keys and fingerprints, and to
prepare them for import into gpg?

Thank you in advance.

- Jimmy Kaplowitz
  jkaplowitz at

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