Using GPG in the US

Daniel E. Eisenbud daniel at
Mon Nov 23 17:31:36 CET 1998

On Mon, Nov 23, 1998 at 03:38:36PM -0800, brian moore <bem at> wrote:
> That said: you can use the IDEA plugin fine if you're not doing it for
> work.  The RSA plugin you normally could use for non-commercial
> purposes.. but... the good folks at RSADSI insist that the only
> implementation of RSA is in their 'RSAREF' and that's the only version
> that gets the free license in the US.

How hard would it be to wrap RSAREF to be compatible with GPG?  Then
at RSA could be used for non-business things in the US right now.

-Daniel Eisenbud

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