Using GPG in the US

Jimmy Kaplowitz jkaplowitz at
Tue Nov 24 22:12:18 CET 1998

Thank you all so very much for answering my question. Now any time I
forget, or next time I need that script that Brian Moore demonstrated, I
can check the archive. By the way, I tried the script hand-typed,
changing "" to "". It worked, seemingly
indicating that any server works, with the same port, path, etc. Also, I
am probably saying nothing new by mentioning this, but I at first
searched for a handle and got 3 matching keys, all of which were
imported into gpg. It is nice to know that gpg can handle simultaneous
importation of multiple keys. I only wanted one of those, but it is a
nice feature.

Again, my thanks to everybody who responded to my questions.

- Jimmy Kaplowitz
  jkaplowitz at

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