[0.4.4] nls compile problem

Robert Richard George 'reptile' Wal reptile at reptile.eu.org
Wed Nov 25 23:40:52 CET 1998

On 98.11.25 David Ellement pressed the following keys:

> When I configure with nls enabled, the compile in the tools directory fails
> because it is unable to find libintl.h.  As a workaround, I re-ran
> configure, adding 'CPPFLAGS=-I../intl' to the environment.  (The system is
> HPUX 10.20, with gcc).
> Is there a reason the Spanish localization messages use "es_ES" rather than
> just "es"?

Is it perheaps because there are other Spanish speking countries, that have
a little bit different Spanish than in Spain? Take Argentina for example.


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