[0.4.4] nls compile problem

Robert Richard George 'reptile' Wal reptile at reptile.eu.org
Thu Nov 26 17:30:14 CET 1998

On 98.11.26 David Ellement pressed the following keys:

> On 981125, at 23:40:52, Robert Richard George 'reptile' Wal wrote:
> > On 98.11.25 David Ellement pressed the following keys:
> > > Is there a reason the Spanish localization messages use "es_ES"
> > > rather than just "es"?
> > 
> > Is it perheaps because there are other Spanish speking countries, that have
> > a little bit different Spanish than in Spain? Take Argentina for example.
> What comes first, the language or the country?  Would the Mexican variant
> of Spanish be handled as es_MX or mx_ES?

Language goes first, so es_MX. Take RedHat Linux 5.1 and English. There are
several language files for en_GB, en_US, en_CA, en_IE, en_DK, and (my
favourite ;) en_RN. The first four are easy, this is ISO country code. If
fifth is also ISO does it mean English from Denmark[1]? Sixth is just an
English as used by Rednecks ;)


[1] Yup, source says it is.

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