Stefan Nobis snobis at
Mon Nov 23 22:59:22 CET 1998

I have some trouble to get gnupg working with pgp.

My gnupg version is 0.4.0 and the pgp version is 5.5.2 (for
windows). I generated an ElGamal/DSA key (2048/1024 bit) and exportet
the public key. But pgp refuses to import that public key.

Somewhere i read pgp uses also ElGamal/DSA but incorectly calls the
algorithms DH/DSS. I also read somthing about wrong types (type 20 and 
type 16) but some method to get gnupg and pgp to work with each

So my questions: What is this about the different types and how do i
get pgp to accept gpg's key? (I read something about an encryption
only subkey - but i don't quite understand what to do and why that
should work.)

Until the next mail...,

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