ANN: Mailcrypt w/GPG Support Available

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Thu Nov 26 19:59:38 CET 1998

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  Mailcrypt 3.5.1 is Available for Download

  1.  Introduction

  Mailcrypt is an Emacs Lisp package which provides a simple interface
  to message encryption with PGP (you do use Emacs to handle your mail
  and news, right?). Mailcrypt version 3.5b1 and higher have been
  extended to handle both PGP 2.6.x and PGP 5.x.  Versions 3.5b7 and
  higher, including 3.5.1, also support encryption with GnuPG. Thanks
  to Brian Warner.

  2.  Features

  2.1. New Features/Enhancements

  Cleaned up PGP 5.0 code, reducing compiler warnings. Cleaned up
  Makefile and configuration support. Eliminated Perl wrapper for
  GPG support. Fixed a bug which prevented signing 8-bit text.
  Fixed a compatability bug with mh-e. Continued updating of
  documentation. Various bug fixes.

  2.2.	Stable Features for PGP 5.0 and GnuPG

  Support for GnuPG encryption.  Key snarfing functionality for PGP
  5.0.  Messages from PGP 5.0 operations now resemble more closely the
  messages generated for version 2.6.  Encryption works correctly,
  even when the secret keyring is not available (a requested feature
  for paranoid types ;-).  Further updated documentation for support
  under various mail packages.

  2.3.	Features for PGP 2.6.x (stable)

  Encryption, decryption, signing, adding keys, extracting keys,
  passphrase caching with timeout, multiple secret key (identity)
  support, a simple but flexible interface to Cypherpunk remailers
  (including chaining, response blocks, pseudonyms, and Mixmaster
  support), and an automatic keyserver interface via HTTP.

  2.4.	Still To Do

  o  Add key fetching support for PGP 5.x.

  o  Restore functionality on Windows 95/98/NT. If tiny-pgp can do it,
     we can too!

  3.  Downloading Mailcrypt

  The Official Mailcrypt version 3.5.1 can be downloaded at:


  Since receiving the blessing of the original authors, this is now
  the official Mailcrypt site.

  Of course, Mailcrypt 3.4 can still be downloaded at the (just as
  official) Mailcrypt sites:


  Share and Enjoy!
	- Len Budney <lbudney at>

Version: GNUPG v0.3.3 (GNU/Linux)
Comment: Processed by Mailcrypt, an Emacs/PGP/GPG interface!


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