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Subject: IESG action on openpgp-format


The IESG reviewed  openpgp-formats today.  They are willing to advance
the draft to PROPOSED STANDARD, however there remains one issue to
resolve.  openpgp-formats does not specify a method to register new
identifiers such as tags for algorithms.  For now, the IESG will
advance the document by adding a note saying that such requests must
be submitted to the IESG Security Area Director(s) to be be considered
or forwarded to an appropriate WG for their consideration.  This note
will be added to a new draft revision (-08) that will posted and then
submitted to the RFC Editor to be promoted to PROPOSED.

However, to go beyond PROPOSED we need to agree on a procedure to
register tags, and to formalize it in the protocol.

<removing the chairman's hat>

I think the IESG's note is basically the right thing to do.  I suggest
a new subsection be added to Section 12 Notes on Algorithms.  This
subsection specifies that requests to assign new algorithm tags be
submitted to the IANA for registration.  When the IANA receives such a
request, they will request that the IESG Security Area Director(s)
review the request.  The Area Directors will assign the task of
reviewing the request to a knowledgable group. This group may be a
currently active WG of the IETF working on OpenPGP-related protocols,
members of the IAB knowledgeable about OpenPGP protocols, or other
individuals recognized as knowledgeable in this area.


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