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Tue Oct 13 10:20:49 CEST 1998

On Mon, Oct 12, 1998 at 08:22:47PM -0600, Chris Wiegand wrote:

> Simple. There are detached signatures, which are easy to implement,
> there is the Application/PGP MIME type, which is supported by most
> PGP/MIME clients, and there is a new PGP/MIME, which
> PGP5/Eudora/Outlook uses, which makes an attachment called
> "Application/PGP", which only contains the text "Version: 1", and
> then the *real* stuff is in another attachment called
> Application/octet-stream.

Sorry, this is wrong.  You are talking about multipart/encrypted;
protocol=pgp multiparts.  The first body part of these beasts is
application/pgp-encrypted with that "Version" parameter.  The
application/octet-stream body part contains the ascii-armoured
version of the signed and encrypted message.

Apart of this, this body part is by no way more recent than the
detached signature stuff - both of them are defined in RFC 2015.

> Just the last one is not really supported. <shrug> I don't even
> think there's an RFC for it, although I could be wrong.

You should _really_ read RFC 2015.


PS: there is a GPLed MUA which supports that stuff.
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