Fabio Coatti cova at felix.unife.it
Mon Oct 19 14:05:01 CEST 1998

I've tried gpg 0.4.2 and finally I was able to sign a message with gpg and
verify it with pgp5.0i

I've built a rpm for redhat 5.1, It will be available soon if someone is

I've a suggestion: It would be useful if some options can be key (or user
id) specific. In my keyring I've a standard gpg key and a old pgp5 key. When
I've to sign a message with the latter, I've to specify the v3 packet
option, or some other options related only to this specific key.
So, if I can specify in options file that some options are to be used only
for gpg, pgp2, pgp5 keys I can save time and use without problems gpg under
programs like mutt. Now I've to put the v3 switch directly in options

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