sen_ml at sen_ml at
Fri Oct 23 11:18:49 CEST 1998

speaking of keyservers, do people have any ideas about how the
existing designs might be improved?  in particular, i am concerned
about some enterprising spammer retreiving addresses from keyservers
and using those to spam.  further, if you allow signatures on your key
to be exported, that gives the spammer and automated way of forging a
From: address which you might pay attention to...they could also send
encrypted spam, though at the moment this is probably unlikely due
to the cost of generating the messages.

also i've been wondering about ways to make it easier to go through a
transition from old keys that are about to expire to new keys -- i
don't know if a keyserver can help, but if people have ideas about
these topics (or pointers to references), i'd greatly appreciate
hearing about them.

thanks for your attention.

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