GPG/PGP5 encryption

brian moore bem at
Sat Oct 24 17:58:59 CEST 1998

On Sat, Oct 24, 1998 at 04:16:48PM -0700, brian moore wrote:
> Note the one-pass sig.
> gpg doesn't seem to generate them 'old_style' is set.  I'm not sure why,
> since PGP5 does version 3 packets and one-pass.

Okay, if I'm naughty and comment out the ' && old_style ' in sign.c at
around 255:

    if( !detached /* && !old_style */ ) {
        int skcount=0;
        /* loop over the secret certificates and build headers   
         * The specs now say that the data should be bracket by
         * the onepass-sig and signature-packet; so we muts build it
         * here in reverse order */

I can, with GPG, send encrypted, signed and signed/encrypted mail to
myself and it all decrypts and validates properly with both PGP5 and

I have in my .gnupg/options:
    cipher-algo cast5
    compress-algo 1

Commenting out code is a bad thing, though, so I'm kinda queasy about
this one.  Does there need to be another flag, or is this creating a new

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