Anyone else get spammed from this list?

Caskey L. Dickson caskey at
Thu Oct 29 16:05:24 CET 1998

Sorry folks, but I have to know...

I'm a very protective person when it comes to my direct email address. 
Due to my job I must necessarily give out email addresses quite a bit,
however I'm careful to always use an alias of some sort.  Through the
magic of qmail I am able to create ad-hoc aliases based upon my primary
address.  For example, I receive this list through caskey-lists-gpg at . 
Mind you, I don't believe the operators of this list have been complicit
in any way. 

After a year and a half of careful protection of my primary mail address,
the one that I always read every message for carefully, I have received my
first spam.  I regularly am spammed through my other email addresses,
however I am able to filter those out.  Also, if I find that a particular
vendor has sold my email address, I can simply disable that alias.

I know you're all wondering why the hell I'm telling you all this, well,
it's because this is the only list that I post to.  All of my other mail
goes to friends & family.  That means that assuming my friends didn't sell
me out, someone is lurking on this list and sucking email addresses.
Either that, or the archives were recently walked and vacuumed for mail
addresses.  Either way, I'm curious as to whether or not anyone has
received a spam with a forged return address at ''.

I'm sure everyone on the list would prefer a private reply.


P.S.  To the archive maintainers: would it be possible to remove the @
signs from the email addresses in the message archive?  That would at
least hamper web mining for addresses.

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