Anyone else get spammed from this list?

David.Anthony David.Anthony at
Fri Oct 30 11:30:50 CET 1998


This is the only list I am subscribed to (you think I use this mailer by
choice:-) for this address.
I have never XX received SPAM on this address.


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> Sent:	Friday, October 30, 1998 11:05 AM
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> Subject:	Anyone else get spammed from this list?
> Sorry folks, but I have to know...
> I'm a very protective person when it comes to my direct email address.
> Due to my job I must necessarily give out email addresses quite a bit,
> however I'm careful to always use an alias of some sort.  Through the
> magic of qmail I am able to create ad-hoc aliases based upon my
> primary
> address.  For example, I receive this list through caskey-lists-gpg at . 
> Mind you, I don't believe the operators of this list have been
> complicit
> in any way. 
> After a year and a half of careful protection of my primary mail
> address,
> the one that I always read every message for carefully, I have
> received my
> first spam.  I regularly am spammed through my other email addresses,
> however I am able to filter those out.  Also, if I find that a
> particular
> vendor has sold my email address, I can simply disable that alias.
> I know you're all wondering why the hell I'm telling you all this,
> well,
> it's because this is the only list that I post to.  All of my other
> mail
> goes to friends & family.  That means that assuming my friends didn't
> sell
> me out, someone is lurking on this list and sucking email addresses.
> Either that, or the archives were recently walked and vacuumed for
> mail
> addresses.  Either way, I'm curious as to whether or not anyone has
> received a spam with a forged return address at ''.
> I'm sure everyone on the list would prefer a private reply.
> C=)
> P.S.  To the archive maintainers: would it be possible to remove the @
> signs from the email addresses in the message archive?  That would at
> least hamper web mining for addresses.
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